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About Us

Vision & Mission

Sense it Out Intelligent Solutions Pvt Ltd is a deep-tech startup that brings technology solutions to specific climate change problems. One of the major problems of the climate crisis is the frequent drought-like condition. Conserving water and helping the most affected community, the farmers is our primary objective. ‘Technology is inclusive’ is the core motto of Sense it Out which utilizes affordable tech to optimize water usage with the help of sensors and further use the data to help increase the yield.

Sense it Out’s product SICCA (Sensor-based Intelligent Crop Centric Automation) uses indigenously developed sensor technology that makes irrigation management smarter, reliable, and affordable. This helps save up to 80% of water and helps increase the yield. It is an IoT-based solution that optimizes water usage using innovative soil sensor technology & scalable LoRa technology which makes it suitable for small as well as large farms.

SICCA is a Smart Irrigation Solution equipped with wireless technology that controls the pump and valves without changing the existing pipeline structure. The control can be brought either remotely with the help of a mobile app or based on a sensor node placed in the farm measuring Soil moisture, Temp, humidity etc. This not just saves water but also improves the yield significant while saving time and effort for the farmer.

The idea of controlling the irrigation automatically or remotely also helps transform farming from a blue-collar to a white-collar profession.

Founding Team

Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & CTO

Founder's Note

We have built a smart irrigation system called sicca which automates the entire irrigation of the farm with the help of a wireless system. The sensors placed in the root zone of the farm wirelessly send signals to the controller.

This controller in turns operates the pump and the relevant valves you irrigate that particular plot of the farm. This does not just saves 80% of the water, but also improves the yield and quality of the harvest significantly.

Earlier the farmer used to go to each plot to operate the relevant valves, the available automation system at that time used to force the farmers to have centralised pipeline structure, so that these all valves are necessarily close to the pump

Now with our wireless valve controller, which we call it Euro, it helps retrofit the automation over the existing pipeline structure without any change, so we have not just saved water and improved yeild but we have also saved the valuable time and money of the farmer

We see the climate is changing, with increasing drought and flood like conditions we made a system that not just saves water but also supplies enough water at appropriate time so that the yield is significantly better. This will not just help improve the livelihood of the farmer but also improve their lifestyle. Come join this blue revolution.

-Jasveer Singh
Founder & CEO
Sense it Out