Our Offerings

Problems Addressed​

Factors affecting yield and income-
  1. Unexpected rainfall
    • Disturbed irrigation cycles
    • Frequent floods and droughs
  2. Irregular Electricity Supply
    • Supply fluctuations
    • Inconvenience for irrigation
  3. Water-Climate sensitive crops
    • Requires prioritized attention
    • Insect and pest management 
  4. Complex pipeline structure
    • Extra pipelines
    • Multiple valves
  5. Labour scarcity and High wages
    • Lack of skilled labor
    • Costly farm management


SICCA – Solution Benefits

Product offerings

Microclimate sensor-based Irrigation & Climate Control Automation

Timer / Volume / Proportion based Irrigation and Fertigation Automation

SICCA Components

Ruble Controller

Franc – Extender Adaptor

Euro – Wireless Valve Node

MySICCA Mobile App

Lira: Wireless (on-field) sensors